Customer Support

Bringing your customers closer…


We believe that it costs significantly more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Building a long-lasting relationship with customers is an important element of brand creation, especially in today’s world of multiple channel consumer interaction.

Respondez offers a comprehensive range of omni-channel, multi-lingual support services powered by advanced proprietary technology and dynamic CRMs.

How we do it?

We nurture a customer service culture that is focused on resolving customer queries with minimum customer contact, resulting in reduced cost per contact, increased customer effort scores and most importantly, enhanced customer loyalty.

Our fundamental belief is that a well-trained and well-engaged workforce, ultimately leads to successfully engaged customers.


We strive to create an extension of the client’s business, so when the customer reaches our knowledgeable customer service teams they experience a seamless service. The advisors are well-versed in dealing with a varied range of customer enquiries.


Web-chat is evolving as one of the most preferred channels of interaction used by consumers after calling. Respondez has collaborated with industry renowned web-chat technology providers to create a fully customisable solution that enables our skilled workforce to manage real-time interactions.

Social Media Management

Social crisis can be very damaging to a brand – this has made social media channel moderation and engagement an important aspect of customer service. Our skilled advisors act as the client’s brand ambassadors diligently moderating social media pages to look for any opportunities to enhance the customer experience.


We cover all major languages across EMEA zone. Our staffing model is flexible to suit our clients’ requirements, whether it is a shared service for start-ups or a fully dedicated multi-lingual team for an established brand.


Information technology plays a key role in consolidating the above elements. Our dialers are fully compliant with Ofcom guidelines and are managed by experienced dialer managers. Having an array of real-time management information dashboards enables the supervisory team to take proactive actions.

Knowledge Base Management

We are our clients’ ‘eyes and ears’ – this gives us the ability to create a knowledge base built on frequently asked questions. This gives our clients an opportunity to offer their customers self-help options, reducing unnecessary contact and enhancing the customer experience.