Customer Acquisition

Complete end to end solution…


The word “outsourcing” has been replaced with “management” within the business process outsourcing world. Outsourcing partnerships are shifting from being just bottom-line centric to top-line centric.

Respondez is a leading provider of complete end-to-end acquisition solutions, designed to catalyse our client’s market growth strategy.

How we do it?

Respondez’s distinction is that it offers a true end-to-end service to acquire new customers. Central to this distinctive service is the power of narrowing target audience.

Right Data Source

Utilising data that has explicit consent makes us the only provider within the industry to be able to contact consumers TPS under our own, fully ICO compliant opt-in. This gives us a competitive advantage and allows us to continuously broaden available volumes of data.

Inbound Traffic Generation

Through the network of group media companies, Respondez is well equipped to design and implement online, direct mailer (with postal consent), email or sms based marketing campaigns to generate inbound sales traffic.

Propensity Modelling

Our experienced data analysis team is equipped with years of consumer history and industry trends to develop impactful market penetration strategies, target audience profiles and consumer contact strategies to optimise return on investment.

Skilled Workforce

Having a skilled sales workforce is the most important element of successful integrated acquisition programmes. Our sales teams have a wealth of experience in handling complex outbound sales projects in varied verticals and are well-versed in dealing with multi-channel inbound sales enquiries, enabling us to deliver optimal conversion. Our staff benefit from well-structured sales foundation training followed by ongoing development, coaching and mentoring.


Information technology plays a key role in consolidating the above elements. Our dialers are fully compliant with Ofcom guidelines and are managed by experienced dialer managers. Working with an array of real-time management information dashboards enable the supervisory team to take proactive actions.


We take compliance very seriously. All our service delivery processes are ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001 certified. We are regulated by Financial Conduct Authority and Information Commissioners Office (ICO). All our systems and applications are PCI:DSS compliant.

Quality Assurance

Respondez has an independent Quality Assurance department responsible for ensuring adherence to key quality guidelines provided by the client and relevant industry the project operates in. Our Quality coaches conduct regular calibration sessions with our clients to ensure standardisation of measurement parameters. We use a cloud-based QA system that provides real-time visibility of quality measurement and keeps the workforce informed.