Respondez Fundraising Services is a specialist fundraising contact centre that provides an extensive range of services specifically for the charity sector. Our unique market position enables charity clients to leverage higher returns on their investments that go beyond the traditional norms.

Our approach to fundraising on behalf of our charity clients is one that is designed around the donor and centres on providing a positive experience for the donor. Respondez’s distinction is that it offers a true end-to-end service to acquire donors that are committed to the causes that interest them the most.

We take the time to develop a deep understanding of our charity clients, so that our staff can deliver effective communication with both empathy and passion for the cause and turn it into successful fundraising calls. We work hard to understand the tone and message, and ensure our interactions with donors seamlessly fit with our client’s brand identity.

Central to this distinctive service is the power of data in four ways:

Right Data Source

The provenance of the data source that has explicit consent to be used for telemarketing campaigns.

Data Segmentation

The segmentation of the data to marry charity sponsors to the causes that interest them the most.

Telephone Preference Service

The ability to use data that is on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), thus broadening of available volumes of data that is so far untapped.


To ensure that all regulatory requirements and standards are met in full.

In combination with the power of data, is Respondez’s expertise and skill in opening and maintaining conversations with charity sponsors. Respondez takes great care to ensure that under no circumstances is a person ever pressurised or harassed into making a donation. Respondez only talk to people who are truly interested and engaged with what we have to say. If they aren’t, we respect them and their position and we politely move on.

With our expertise, skill and care, we achieve the right balance between a positive donor experience and return on investment.

For more information on Respondez Fundraising Services, please call +44(0)1902 287672.

We are in process of developing a dedicated Respondez Fundraising website, which will offer a comprehensive client guide to Respondez’s fundraising services. More information to follow soon.

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